Grave design and construction

Any types of grave border edging, memorial stones and grave markers purchased directly

from manufacturers

Headstones and memorialsGrave borders
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Custom-made grave borders and memorials according to the client’s request.
A range of readily designed solutions to choose from.

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Headstones and memorials

The headstone or memorial is the symbol of grief and eternal memory of a loved one.

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Concrete and granite grave borders

Grave borders made of concrete and the types of granite especially suitable for our climate
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Accessories, granite tables and benches

In the context of ceremonial arrangements, such accessories are an important addition to the memorial composition of the grave.
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Grave maintenance service package

If you live in a remote location, we will be there for you, ensuring that the grave you have entrusted us with is kept in immaculate order
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Funeral flower arrangements

Funeral wreaths and bouquets, flower arrangement design for memorial ceremonies in funeral halls and churches.

Grave design and construction planning

Every person and his or her history is unique and special. We understand this and are willing to ensure respect and dignity in helping you at a time of great distress for the family by properly honoring the memory of your loved ones.

Grave memorial design starts with gathering information about the burial location. Our experienced specialists will help you spend less time putting down your wish list and waiting for sketches to be made.

After the initial coordination we will prepare the plan of the works, sketches and, if necessary, the model of the finished grave ensemble.

Such an approach will allow errors to be prevented and labor as well as material costs to be estimated accurately.

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Clients’ opinions about our work

We would like to thank you for the great amount of work you have done as well as for your tactful and understanding approach!

Belikov family

We live in Germany. We ordered the grave border and memorial stone to be made in accordance with our sketch, and we are utterly content with the result.

A. T.

High quality. Personalized approach. I highly recommend the company!

R. S.

Why clients trust us

We can offer a grave design solution which will include one or several of the following,

depending on the client’s request: a custom-designed granite memorial stone, wrought iron border, grave marker, table, or bench.

When clients decide to turn to our company, they can count on the assistance of our team of highly qualified professionals. Your order will be brought to life by artists, sculptors, designers, and engravers. We specialize in the grave design, construction, and maintenance and offer favorable terms of cooperation to our clients.

We own a large-scale manufacturing facility.
We own a large-scale manufacturing facility and do not resell someone else’s products.

We manufacture a broad range of high-quality granite products. Our workshop will cater to any client’s needs and provide custom-made solutions, including non-standard shapes, sizes, and surface finishing textures.

We only work with the best and the most reliable material suppliers
Our partners work their own granite quarry, run the entire production cycle at their facilities, and possess a broad raw materials base.

As a major wholesale client, our company never overpays for raw materials, which allows us to minimize manufacturing costs and to offer the most attractive prices to our own customers.

We understand and respect our clients
Personalized approach to every client’s needs. We will take all your wishes and means into account to devise a comprehensive service project which will suit you best.

Our employees will make sure that the grave we take care of looks well-maintained, dignified, and elegant. As we offer a package of construction, assembly, and maintenance works, we save our customers from much-dreaded stress and trouble.

We take care of our clients
Families will often have a number of questions and issues in the first year after the burial and grave construction: making arrangement for a table, flowers or more sand to be added. If you have already become a client of ours, just give us a call. As our teams work in cemeteries almost daily, we just might be able to help you without any extra costs on our or your part.
We believe nothing is impossible!
We use state-of-the-art equipment of the highest grade to cut granite, which allows quality control to be ensured at any stage of the cutting process. After cutting, highly qualified stonemasons finish the granite by hand and polish it. The resulting output is the end product of the highest attainable quality without micro fissures or any other faults which could lower the weather resistance of granite.

Our broad assortment of granite will allow us to find the perfect color and texture for single-color products as well as multi-color combinations and to make sure that the memory of your loved ones lives forever.

We will help you preserve the memory of your loved ones