Grave border edging

Grave borders made of concrete and the types of granite especially suitable for our climate
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Concrete borders

This is a highly popular type of grave border edging, which has both pluses and minuses. Its advantages include relatively low costs and rather an impressive appearance (provided that the manufacturing process is right).

The principal disadvantage of concrete lies in its sensitivity to external exposure, including both environmental factors and mechanical damage. Still, when properly installed and maintained, a concrete grave border can be expected to last for up to 15–20 years.

Classic concrete border edging

This is the most common and affordable type of poured-in-place concrete borders. All the works, digging the trench, building the framework, rebar installation and pouring the concrete included, are performed on the site.

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Washed concrete border edging

During the construction of border edging components, such aggregates as granite chip or coarser materials, for example, crushed stone, as well as surface retarders are added to the cement mix. After the concrete components have cured, the top layer of the surface is washed off, which adds texture to the surface, making it look like natural stone, while the durability characteristic of concrete is retained.

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Polished concrete fences

Concrete elements, which can be given different colors, are additionally sanded before installation, which allows them to visually bring closer to natural materials. A flat and smooth surface is more aesthetically pleasing and looks decent, being a good and inexpensive alternative to granite.

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Concrete borders with granite facing

The poured concrete border edging is constructed using the standard method and faced with granite tiles (grey and black), which gives a more aesthetically pleasing result and protects the concrete base from the elements. This is the most reasonable affordable alternative to granite border edging.

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Rubble stone border edging

A border made of rubble stone (limestone) installed on the concrete base

Visually appealing and long-lasting, natural stone will keep looking good for years to come. Other important properties of rubble stone are durability and low porosity, which ensures its long service life and environmental resistance.

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Granite border edging

This is a classical option that has become a synonym of eternity.  We are glad to be able to supply you with products made from Karelian granite, which is perfect for our climatic conditions. Its low porosity and moisture absorption prevent it from deteriorating even during very cold winters.  The surface, which is resistant to micro-cracking, does not become discolored with time and prevents plant spores from germinating, which ensures a clean and dignified look. If you are striving for the best, granite is your perfect choice.

Black microgabbro granite border (Karelia)

Black granite grave borders are the most popular choice for border edging. ZaurStone OÜ uses only Karelian microgabbro granite, and the selection was not made on a whim. This premium-class material possesses unique characteristics, which make it durable, lasting, and easy to maintain. Exquisite black with tiny specks of black and white.

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Baltic Granite border

Baltic Granite can be partially classified as a type of red granite. This material is hard, durable, and attractive. The color may vary from dark grey with mineral inclusions to brown, and all its tone variations are surprisingly warm. We recommend this type of granite if classical solutions in black or white are not something you are looking for. Baltic Granite also looks great combined with darker design components.

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“Light Wenge” granite from the Zheltau deposit

This stone is especially attractive due to its clear medium-grained surface pattern. Polishing makes the surface lighter in color, adding expression and highlighting bright red inclusions. This durable material is perfect for classical decorative designs and contemporary solutions alike.

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Garnet amphibolite (Nordic Sunset Granite)

Nearly 3200 million years old, this is yet another unique type of stone. It is extremely strong and durable as well as rather promising from the design perspective. The material displays alternating black, white, and wine-red stripes speckled with contrasting inclusions (white specks on black stripes and garnet red on grey stripes). The pattern on the surface will vary from batch to batch, which makes the end product even more valuable, especially after high-quality finishing and polishing.

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Granite from the Vozrozhdenie deposit

This is a classical type of grey granite. “Vozhrozhdenie” stands for durability, abrasion resistance, uniform texture, and visual appeal. We would recommend this type of granite in two cases. First, if you would like to see the grave design in a subdued but classical style. The stone works really well in bright daylight as a stand-alone component of the design. Another option is using it in two-coloured projects, especially in combination with microgabbro granite.

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