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Types of grave memorials

A memorial is a long-standing tradition, tribute to the memory of our loved ones. This is how we express love and gratitude.

ZaurStone manufactures and installs headstones and memorials of any shapes and finishing, making them from a variety of granite types. Memorials roughly fall into natural shapes, rectangular memorials, and special shapes. Our employees will gladly give specialist advice and help you make the right choice.

Memorials of natural shape (cleaved stone)

Only one side of the memorial is polished to display information about the deceased. The sides of the memorial remain cut while the back may be cleaved or sawn.

Such a headstone would look natural in a wooded cemetery among trees and shrubs, blending perfectly with its surroundings. We also supply stones with pre-engraved mourning symbols: crosses, flowers, etc.

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Rectangular memorial

A classical type of headstone is a block of granite polished on all sides and oriented vertically or horizontally. There are options for shaping one side at an angle or as a wave. A horizontally positioned headstone is a good choice for a family grave area. When new graves are added, more names and dates can be engraved on the stone. This tradition is widely practiced all over the world and expresses the unity of the family even after death.

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Custom-shaped memorials

Not everyone is supposed to like natural or traditional design: as technology and stone cutting equipment evolve, headstones are more and more often given specific shapes and decorated with the images of weapons, birds, flowers, or the deceased person’s favorite things. You can view a great variety of unusual options for headstones in the catalogs available in ZaurStone store. Please call us in advance to arrange a meeting.

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Complete memorial solutions

When standardly offered solutions are not what the client is looking for, we can create an elaborate grave memorial on the basis of a custom-made design. Our designers and manufacturing facility specialists will be working together to design and produce a completely unique grave design solution, which can be highly elaborate and can feature single-colored granite or several types of granite.

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Types and colors of granite

We only use Karelian granite for making headstones and memorials as it is reliable, lasting, and the most suitable for our environment. The types of granite we have selected for you have similar durability characteristics and low moisture absorption but come in a variety of textures and colors, which allows noble-looking single-colored monuments and elaborate memorial solutions to be created.

Black microgabbro  granite monument

Exquisite black with tiny specks of black and white. ZaurStone uses only Karelian microgabbro granite, and the selection was not made on a whim. This premium-class material possesses unique characteristics, which make it durable, lasting and easy to maintain. It stays polished longer, and the images or text on it do not fade with time. Neither is it prone to discoloration.

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Baltic granite in classical “Brown Bear” color

This stone is characterized by a warm pleasant dark chocolate color with speckles of light crystals and an uneven medium-grained structure. Because of the natural shine of the inclusions, it becomes highly decorative after finishing. It is extremely hard, durable, and frost-resistant, which guarantees the monument will last in perfect shape for years to come.

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“Light Wenge” granite from the Zheltau deposit

This stone is especially attractive due to its clear medium-grained surface pattern. Polishing makes the surface lighter in color, adding expression and highlighting bright red inclusions. This durable material is perfect for classical decorative designs and contemporary solutions alike.

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Garnet amphibolite (Nordic Sunset Granite)

This amazing stone displays alternating black, white and wine-red stripes speckled with contrasting inclusions (white specks on black stripes and garnet red on grey stripes). The pattern on the surface will vary from batch to batch, which makes the end product even more valuable, especially after high-quality finishing and polishing. This is a rather rare material that is mined in relatively small quantities.

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Granite from the Vozrozhdenie deposit

The color of the stone may be grey or pinkish-grey. Some sections can seem translucent because of the high quartz content. The stone works really well in bright daylight as a stand-alone component of the design. Another option is using it in two-colored projects, especially in combination with accessories made of microgabbro granite. Like any type of granite, this stone is extremely hard and reliable.

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